Heading Home is a collaboration of individuals, public service, and faith-based organizations from the community determined to end homelessness in Jefferson County. Heading Home is a subcommittee of Jeffco Connections (JC), whose mission is "to establish a collaborative leadership that promotes accountable, efficient, cost-effective, and coordinated systems, in an effort to increase the health and well-being of children, youth, and families in Jefferson County." JC has charged Heading Home with the task of developing an Action plan that addresses homelessness in Jefferson County.


The vision of Heading Home is to create a systemic response in Jefferson County, Colorado that prevents and ends homelessness whenever possible, and when it cannot be prevented, ensures it is a rare, brief and one-time experience. 


Objectives of the plan include: 

  1. Optimize the Housing Crisis Resolution System

  2. Increase Access to and Supply of Supportive Housing

  3. Improve System-Wide Data Collection and Data Sharing

  4. Increase Community Involvement in Support of Homelessness Solutions


Read Jefferson County 2021-23 Homelessness Action Plan

Join Heading Home As A Member!

Welcome! The mission of Heading Home Collaborative (HHC), a subcommittee of Jeffco Connections, is to end homelessness in Jefferson County, Colorado by focusing our work on creating a systemic response that prevents and addresses homelessness whenever possible, and when it cannot be prevented, ensure it is a rare, brief and one-time-only experience. 


Membership is open to all persons who have an interest in working collaboratively on solutions that will achieve the mission, goals, and objectives of the HHC and Jeffco Connections. Responsibilities of membership include:

  • Actively serve on at least one workgroup

  • Attend and participate in at least 75% of all quarterly stakeholder meetings and workgroup meetings in which you are a participant, and

  • Vote on Heading Home matters


If you are interested in becoming a member of HHC, please complete and submit this form. Please join us! If you have any questions, please contact HHC Chair, Kelli Barker at kbarker@jeffco.us


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