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Are you hungry for a New Relationship?


The Relationships I have with my brothers and sisters who live on the streets have definitely changed my life. In a very positive way to be sure.

I used to wonder about myself. Was I good enough? Am I making a difference in the world? How can I be better than I am now? Do I need more education? There is a theme here….I…I….I.

Six years and many nights of shelter later I find that I cannot think so much about my own situation. Shelter nights have given me the opportunity to know people who are different than I am. Our guests have also shown me how close I am to their situation. Just a couple of paychecks away and I could be on the streets just like they are now.

Relationships are a gift and a blessing. Through relationships, we learn how to be a better version of ourselves. We learn that our heart can beat for others and desire a better life for them…and for us. Relationships give us access to a more meaningful expression of life. Relationships change the community…one person at a time.

Severe Weather Shelter Network is a great place to meet people you would not meet anywhere else. Other volunteers who have been moved to be present with our guests on shelter nights. Guests who speak to the deeper fears and joys of our own lives. Relationships growing and flourishing every time we come together.

Are you willing…even more clearly, are you being pulled by your own heart to get to

know someone new? Are you tired of the status quo and wondering how YOU can be a

source of change in a single life…in the life of our community?

YOU can be a friend to a brother or sister living on the streets! In the safety of our Host

Sites, you can get to know someone whose life took a turn they didn’t expect and

experience a deeper sense of gratitude while celebrating a new friendship.

Click here for more information about how YOU can become a volunteer with us today!

By lynnanndirector|August 14th, 2019


We are in need of volunteers to lead and serve on any of the committees listed below. Committee members meet once every other month and committee chairs will often meet monthly or as needed.

  • Prevention

  • Shelter

  • Permanent Housing

  • Economic opportunity

  • Governance

  • Public Awareness

  • Systems Change



Are you passionate about raising awareness around homelessness and want to help spread the word about Heading Home? Consider volunteering as a presenter for our speaker's bureau or come have us speak for your group.



Are you a landlord or involved in property management and development? Have you ever considered providing section 8 housing or want to provide affordable housing options? Click on the links below to learn more information on how you can get involved.


Close to Home is working to raise awareness of homelessness in Colorado. Visit the Close to Home website to learn about how you or your business can speak up about homelessness, contribute to the movement to end homelessness, and engage the community.


The Severe Weather Shelter provides emergency, overnight shelter on life-threatening winter nights for single men, women and couples without children, who are living on the streets or in their cars. A network of local churches provide the host sites each winter from October 1st to April 30th. Click here to learn about the many ways you can volunteer to help make sure those on the streets can stay warm on cold winter nights.

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